Know total weight of you (with uniform & boots on), your dog, and your pack

            (i.e. me: 190 + pooch: 100 + pack: 65 = TOTAL: 355 lbs).

Give dog a "break".

Prepare not to be flown back.

Secure all straps, scarves, sierra cups, etc...

Put goggles on to protect eyes from rotor wash.

Put in earplugs if you have them.

Be prepared to pick up dog and carry to helicopter.

Stay away from tail section of helicopter. If you have to walk around it, give it a very wide birth (30-40 feet).

Wait for nod or forward wave from pilot or crew chief before approaching. Always have the pilot in sight.

Walk hunched over to and from aircraft.

When flying, talk on intercom (marked ICS) in softer and lower tone of voice than normal.

Re-assure your dog by talking softly in his/her car.

If you are on the intercom system and can hear the pilot and crew talking; If it gets quiet, feel free to ask brief questions. Everyone loves to talk about what they do.

For "on the hill extraction" radio exact location, elevation, how many to go, total weight, wind, direction, air temp, type of obstacles and height.

Remember: Helicopters don't fly, they beat the air into submission.

Have fun and enjoy yourself. There is no greater thrill.             


1992-2010 N. Razum