Marcy Taylor


Canine Handler - Brief Bio


Marcy Taylor (Marcy Taylor Razum, Marcy Razum) has been a canine trainer and handler since 1996.  Marcy started working dogs at a young age for obedience and dog shows. Now she primarily works with Search and Rescue Canine applications such as Area Scenting, Trailing, Drowning, and Avalanche.  Marcy has significant experience with Cadaver and Human Remains detection and is a certification officer for the California Office of Emergency Services (OES).  Marcy additionally has experience training and handling both narcotics and explosives detection canines, and is a contract detection dog handler for Oil Companies searching facilities and platforms for contraband and illicit substances.

Marcy is a member of the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) as well as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Marcy as trained dogs at numerous training meetings and seminars located in the Western United States.  She has also assisted with Trainings at functions of the United States Police Canine Association and Search and Rescue groups located in Northern and Southern California and Arizona.  Marcy has been an invited speaker at many seminars and classes, and lectures with her husband Nicholas Razum on Canine Applications.  Marcy is an actor by profession, and was previously a veterinary technician.  She has been a German shepherd enthusiast for most of her life, and has owned, bred, trained, shown and raised litters of this remarkable breed.

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