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Performing Rescues in your Community

When community children or adults are missing - whether down a hillside, lost in the mountains, trapped in a ravine, lost in a cave or injured in difficult terrain – Los Angeles County Search & Rescue Teams are often called to respond.  Our teams locate and rescue those in precarious situations often in community mountains and hillsides.

In these difficult economic times, the Los Angeles County Search & Rescue organization needs your financial assistance to continue serving the community. 




We provide Search and Rescue services for your family, your neighbors, people you work with, and your community

For over 50 years, Los Angeles County Search & Rescue teams have been counted on to locate and assist lost, hurt, or trapped people in mountainous, hillside and urban settings. Some of our teams are also trained in such specialties as cave, tunnel, mine and water rescues.

Last year, our teams responded to over 300 incidents.  Many incidents required specialized training and equipment for rescues in mountain and hillside terrain, caves, fallen debris, and vehicles over the side of a road.  Team medical knowledge and related supplies were also required to be successful.

Our highly qualified team members are all unpaid volunteers donating their time and in many cases purchasing their own equipment.  Most team members have graduated from the LA County Sheriff’s Reserve academy, are a qualified Emergency Medical Technicians, and are trained in mountain/ hillside rescue.  We also maintain and use specialized equipment, supplies and training to make a rescue.

Los Angeles County Search and Rescue, a division of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (reserves), is a volunteer organization comprised of approximately 110 unpaid, reserve sheriff volunteers working out of 7 Los Angeles County locations, including: Altadena, Antelope Valley, Avalon, Malibu/Lost Hills, Montrose/Crescenta Valley, Santa Clarita Valley,  and San Dimas.  Our teams are on call 24/7, and respond to over 300 incidents a year, working closely with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s resources including air evacuation capabilities.  


We need your help to continue providing search and rescue services for your family, your neighbors and your community

Our 2009 fund raising campaign is required to continue providing search & rescue services for your community.  We are seeking funds for general and specialized supplies (stretchers, ropes, first aid supplies, life safety equipment, etc), rescue equipment and specialized training – both medical and rescue.

Each team member requires about $4,000 to equip and train.  In addition we have vehicles with specialized communications, mechanical lifting winches, and other search and rescue specific gear.  We receive many forms of support but no operating funds from the Sheriff’s office and all our team members serve without pay. Our organization requires at least $250,000 annually to maintain our capabilities to serve our communities. We are a volunteer, non-profit group (technically, an IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization).



Email and text is not a reliable method for communicating emergency needs. Senders cannot be certain every email or text has been transmitted by their server, nor that it has been received by the addressee, nor that it will be seen within the time expected or needed. 

If you have an emergency call 911

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