We are seeking Sponsors and Donations to sustain our vital search & rescue activities.
Please donate to our fundraising campaign.


You, or your company's sponsorship, can help keep this highly trained team  responding to local emergencies.  With these funds we can equip new team members, continuing team members, and  contribution toward necessary replacement of equipment. 


Our thank you for being a sponsor


For our Gold civic sponsors, our appreciation in addition to effectively be able to serve your community, is by featuring your city/ (organization) on our website and presenting your organization with a 2009 recognition plaque. We also grant permission to publicize your gift.


However, the most important gift we give is to continue providing invaluable Search & Rescue services to the community.



On behalf of the Los Angeles County Search and Rescue organization, we sincerely thank you for your sustaining support.



Sponsorships include:


Bronze -        $500 and over

Silver -        $1,000 and over

Gold -         $5,000 and over

Platinum - $10,000 and over


Gold and Platinum donors and organizations are posted on our website (click for link)


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